We all know that when we receive kindness, it feels good.

But when we give kindness, it can feel even better!



We are biochemically predisposed to feeling pleasure when we behave altruistically.

Being nice goes right to our cells and makes us feel good all over.

Find out how you can make feeling good a permanent part of your life! Is this behavior innate?

In other words, are we born to be nice?

Well, primatologists tell us that we share 98 percent of our DNA with the more violent chimpanzee and the peaceful, loving bonobo.

Possibly telling us that humans are predisposed to both cruelty and benevolence.

However, I like to believe that benevolence is our more inherent quality. Find out more about the author

A study was developed to test this very question.

Ten-month-old toddlers watched a puppet show. In the show there was a puppet who was trying to get up a hill and there was a good Samaritan puppet trying to help him. There was also a bad guy, the puppet who was trying to pull the other puppet back down the hill. When the show was over the toddlers were allowed to choose which puppet they would like to take home. Ninety percent of the hundreds of toddlers who participated chose a puppet.

Can you guess what puppet ninety percent of those children chose?

They chose the good Samaritan puppet!

If altruism is inborn in all of us then why are we unkind to each other?

There are many possible reasons:

Maybe we are tired and stressed and we just don't have the energy.

Maybe when we were growing up we didn't experience compassion. Nobody was really nice to us so how could we know how to behave otherwise?

Maybe our agreeableness was misinterpreted for weakness by others, so we decided being strong mean't not being nice.

Whatever your reasons, it is wonderful that you want to improve in this area. If there was more goodwill in the world it would definitely be a happier and safer world to live in.

Kindness Daily Affirmation

Recommendations for getting the most out of your Daily Affirmations!

Say these kindness quotes silently to yourself.

I will be nice to those that cross my path today.

Especially those that I usually have a difficult time being nice to.

(Make a mental list of those whom you could be nicer to, so you are ready!)

My intentions will be sincere. I will find something about that person that I can genuinely feel positive about.

I will also be considerate to those that I usually take for granted.

I will selflessly do random acts of kindness for strangers.

Most importantly, I will be merciful to myself. For this day at least, I won't allow the voice of my "inner critic" to be negative or put me down.

When I go to bed, I will recap my day in my mind and assess what I have learned.

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